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What is the Carbon Management Boot Camp™?

Part 1 of the Carbon Management Boot Camp™ is designed as a half-day format and provides an excellent understanding of climate change concerns and worldwide initiatives, the basics of greenhouse gas emission formation and sources, methods for their determination, opportunitites for reductions, requirements for taking emission reduction credits to the trading market and elements needed to develop an effective carbon management program. Part 2 is structured to be accomplished in about a two-hour period and descibes specific emission reduction opportunities and carbon management program implementation strategies tailored to major categories of organizations including: government agencies, building owners and tenants, product manufacturers and industrial process organizations, retail sales organizations, supply chain service providers and mobile source vehicle/equipment operators. This part focuses on approaches to greenhouse gas emission inventory development and emission reduction strategies that are likely to be successful. Part 2 presentations can be tailored easily to address the needs/interests of the specific audience attending the workshop. Time can also be made available for additional presentations that the workshop sponsor may wish to include.

Boot Camp instructors have extensive hands-on experience in planning and implementing carbon management and greenhouse gas reduction programs and in selecting greenhouse gas reduction technologies. For information on carbon management services, please click here or visit www.alliance-carbonmanagement.com